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6 young Aussie Influencers that will have you packing your bags

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  1. Jayneytravels

With 8 years of blogging under her belt, Jayne combines the two things that no one can really say no to – travel and brunch- yes please!
Her blog covers everything from the countries she’s visited, food, airlines, packing, always with a twist of humour.
Also, while you’re there, go ahead and read her experience ordering the famous floating breakfast, or as she likes to call it “the breakfast that nearly ended my relationship”🤣

  1. michaelturtle

Michael Turtle loves telling stories, and when you combine that with travelling, you get Time Travel Turtle. Time Travel Turtle is a blog that not only serves to inspire its readers to travel but also tells us the stories of people Michael meets.
With a combination of videos and posts, Michaels blog gives you a locals perspective by showing you the least touristy sights, local hangs and where to find the best food.

  1. Jarradseng

Ok, just go ahead and follow Jarrad now, you won’t regret it. Jarrad is a photographer, filmmaker and creative director, not to mention a traveller. He’s got over 197K followers and for good reason, Jarrad captures the beauty of unique and offbeat destinations such as Antarctica, Namibia and Iceland. If you’re a fan of travel, art or photography, this is the account for you.

  1. helloemilie

Probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts I’ve ever seen, Emilie’s Insta feed literally feeds your soul (and eyes). Focusing on soft tones, natural lighting and particular hues, her feed will have you booking a plane ticket before you know it.

The magical northern lights…✨💫⚡️🌙

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  1. worldwanderlust

Brooke Saward is 26 years old and living her best life. Following the motto “do what you love”, Brooke has travelled to 59 countries! Her blog covers a number of things from her travel destinations, recipes and tutorials of international foods to fashion and beauty tips.

  1. jasoncharleshill

Based in Brisbane, Jason is an accomplished explorer and photographer who focuses on nature and rugged scenery. His insta feed mainly consists of mountains, beautiful plains and wilderness.
If you’re a fan of camping, hiking or are drawn to nature when travelling, this account will give you major inspiration (or travel envy!).

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