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Become an Affiliate Partner

YMCA Global Study’s Affiliate partner program allows University Clubs, Societies and Individuals to earn money for helping university students to discover our study abroad opportunities.

How does it work?

It’s actually pretty simple, after signing up as an affiliate partner we will provide you with access to unique links to the YMCA Global Study website. Then all you need to do is post these links with your members across your existing networks (website, social media, and newsletters).

When someone clicks one of these unique links they will be tracked as your referral, if that person then goes onto a study abroad with us, we’ll pay you $50. So if 10 of your members decide they want to study abroad, guess what? You get $500!

Bonus for Clubs and Societies

We will also provide your club or society with a $500 YMCA Global Study voucher for every 25 people apply for our programs regardless of whether they study abroad or not. You can use the voucher in any way you wish. You might want to reward one of your hard-working committee members or use it for a fundraiser it’s totally up to you.

Become an affiliate partner today

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