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Mexico City

Mexico City, named as ‘the metropolis that has it all’ by the New York Times,  is the largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere. The city is the political, economic and social hub of Mexico.

Known locally as the city of three cultures, you will find architecture from the ancient Aztec and Mayans, Spanish conquistadors and modern-day. It is almost impossible to avoid falling in love with Mexican culture, from wrestling to mariachi and of course, the food.

Mexico City is an incredibly diverse place and is considered as one of the most exciting cities to visit. The city offers many highlights including the Castle of Chapultepec, Xochimilco as well as plenty of museums, where you will be immersed in culture and history.

The Castle of Chapultepec (Castillo de Chapultepec) has been a military academy, a presidential residence, an observatory and is currently a museum. Home to the Mexican National Museum of History, the Castle is located in the middle of Chapultepec Park on top of Chapultepec Hill.

Xochimilco has a romantic reputation and is known for its canals. These canals are all that remains from the ancient Lake Xochimilco. You can travel through the canals in colourful boats covered in flowers and take in the landscape.

Mexico City of also famously the home famous artist and feminist Frida Khalo, her house in Coyacan is now a museum which displays some of her most famous works and must see for anyone visiting the city.

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