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Five Life Skills I Learned in Uni That I Never Thought I Would Use in The “Real World”

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Five Life Skills I Learned in Uni That I Never Thought I Would Use in The

There are some things uni teaches you that you think will never come in handy in the workforce. There have been times when I’ve skipped a few lectures because I thought the information would be completely useless to me, which looking back, was the completely wrong mentality! If you’re in the same boat, here are some ways those little things actually help you out a lot in the workforce.


Morning Lectures

I think we can all agree that getting up at 7am to sit half asleep in a lecture is the absolute worst. Especially when you’re suffering from a hangover from the night before. But it’s basically preparing you for the full-time job you will have when you graduate. Except you can’t skip work ‘just this once’ when you can’t drag yourself out of bed. And in a lecture, all you have to do is sit there and take notes (sometimes not even that). I’m guessing at your work you’ll have to be a little more proactive. So yeah, do yourself a favour and go to your morning classes, it’s preparing you for what we all know as “the real world.”


Group Projects

The dreaded group assignment is a pet peeve for nearly all students. There’s always someone who doesn’t show up, who dictates the group or puts little to no work in and then gets all the credit. But learning how to work with a team of different personalities gives you life skills you’ll need in the workforce (and in life). Because believe it or not, you’ll still find these kinds of people in the workforce and you’ll learn how to communicate with different personalities in an effective and mature way.


Uni Icebreakers

If there’s one thing I have a passionate fiery hate for, it’s uni icebreakers. I hate them so much I always used to avoid the first day of class simply because I knew we would have to do them. But surprisingly, they actually did me some good after I graduated. Even though it’s not common to go around the room and do ice breakers at work, odds are you’ll have to walk into a room of strangers and know how to introduce yourself and make yourself sound interesting. Ice breakers taught me how to introduce myself to my new colleges in a confident way.


Taking Criticism

When we used to write a creative piece, we would have to go around the room and critique each person’s work and suggest how they can make it better. Not only did this give me more confidence in giving my work for people to read, but it made me able to take criticism. Not only that, it also helped me critique others work in a professional and constructive way, which is something you might need to do in the future. All in all, it made me a lot more comfortable voicing my opinion in the work place.



From networking events to just chatting in class, networking is a skill you are going to need for life. It’s important to go to any networking events that uni has to offer and don’t be afraid to ask your lecturer for connections too. I wish I had done more of it while I was at uni, but I always skipped the networking events because I wasn’t confident enough. Learn from my mistakes and put yourself out there! You never know who may come in handy in the future. It will also make you more confident at introducing yourself and public speaking, which most people struggle with anyway.



The Bottom Line

Even though you may think to yourself “where the hell are we going to use this in real life?” Odds are you are being taught this for a reason, and it’s rare that a professor will teach you something solely to waste your time. So, take advantage and soak up all the knowledge you can!


Words by Sophie Nicolas – Sophie studied a Bachelor of Arts at Edith Cowan University and also studied abroad in Japan

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