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Digital Disruption in Education | Cover Photo

Digital Disruption in Education

Mexico City, Mexico

Is our education system doing enough to prepare students for life in the digital age? What do educators around the world need to do to help students prepare for jobs that may not have even been invented yet?

This course will examine the effects of digital disruption on education and the threats and opportunities that it will bring from the perspective of both the Australian and Mexican education systems.

The program will give participants an understanding of Mexican Culture and the Mexican Education System. The program will consider the following:

  • The challenging political and economic Mexican context (historical and educational approach).
  • The Mexican Educational Reform between 1970 and 2018 and the current educational reform of 2019: Challenges and perspectives. 

To understand current and emerging issues within the education sector, participants will focus on education in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This part of the program focuses on: 

  • The strategies which are being used to overcome issues.
  • Preparing students for a technological world.

Students will take a look at education in Australia and education in Mexico and consider what educators can learn from each other by:

  • Considering differences and similarities between educational challenges in Mexico and Australia, and the ways to approach them.
  • Comparing Australian and Mexican approaches to educating students about indigenous cultures, history and traditions.

To complete the program, participants will reflect on what they have learned and develop teaching strategies that will prepare students for living in the digital age. Participants will finish the program with a presentation on their personal views on the challenges facing education and educators as a result of digital disruption.

Intended Learning Outcomes & Additional Course Information

After successfully completing this course students will gain the following skills and knowledge:

  • Understand digital disruptions impact on education globally.
  • Increase awareness on comparative differences and similarities between educational problems in Mexico and Australia
  • Employ teaching strategies that will prepare students for the digital age.
  • Understand Mexico’s historical and social challenges concerning education.
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