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Three weeks at Michigan State University!

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Start-Up Boot Camp - MSU - YMCA Global Study

A lot’s been happening at YMCA Global Study and this week we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Michigan State University – offering you four new awesome courses to choose from:

Lights, Camera, Action! –  Students will be guided by experts and trained in basic single camera production techniques specifically for professional projects. Students will move from learning foundation work all the way to professional video processes and will work in groups to produce high quality, 5-minute short film projects. 
International Litigation and ArbitrationRecommended for anyone who is studying law or interested in studying law. The course covers:
– The nature of the global marketplace,
– Cultural differentials
– The impact of legal practice.
Entrepreneur Boot Camp – Ideal for students with an entrepreneurial mindset or students who are interested in gaining entrepreneurial skills.  This fast-paced course will combine coursework from two of Michigan State University Business college’s most popular foundational courses: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Business Model Development.
Negotiations, Contract and Comparative Law – Another amazing law program that takes a deep dive into the why? what? and how? that lie beneath contracts

Introducing MSU!

Michigan State University has one of the best reputations as far as American universities go. It is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities and according to the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education’s Higher Education College Ranking 2018, it ranks in the top 8 per cent of universities in the United States. Its also has 25 undergraduate and graduate programs ranked in the top 20 nationally by U.S News and World Report which is pretty incredible.

MSU is an internationally renowned university establishing itself as a centre for innovation since the first students walked through the door in 1855, it is also known to have a pretty laid back and friendly atmosphere. Head to any student forum, international or American and you will find current and past students sharing their awesome experience studying there. Besides having a solid academic reputation, MSU is also pretty big on sport (and team spirit!). It’s also led by one of the most recognised mascots in collegiate sport- nicknamed “Sparty”. The MSU Spartans and have over 25 varsity sports teams- 12 for men and 13 for women which include basketball, ice hockey, wrestling and of course football! Here’s a snippet from a student forum that pretty much sums up the Spartans:

“After a football game against Central Michigan University this year, as a lot of students left the game early since it was a blowout, a group of Central Michigan students were yelling and attempting to make fun of a bunch of us leaving by saying “are you guys gonna go study now?! haha”. That actually made me smile when I heard it. First, we destroyed them in football, and then we get the reputation of being such a great school academically :)”


Sparty - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study

Making friends is super easy as the university hosts an orientation party for students to mingle and meet other students. Here you will receive basic information about your course and the university, as well as your Spartan card is loaded with Spartan dollars that can be used anywhere on the campus e.g. university cafeteria, food-marts, Starbucks. You’ll also be staying in a student dorm and although you will have your own room, there will be a common area where you will have plenty of opportunities to chat and hang out with other students.

Students - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study

There is also a cultural social program included in the course and facilitated by the university. This includes a weekend away in Chicago where the university covers all accommodation and main meals. Your program coordinator will be Kelly Clock, who use to live in Chicago, so make sure to ask her any questions or tips about where to go first. You’ll have a whole weekend to explore Chicago, you may want to plan ahead and hit up all of the sites or go with the flow. For all music lovers, Pitchfork Music Festival will be on that weekend and tickets are pretty cheap! Check out their website to sign up for updates on the 2018 lineup and to suss the artists from 2017.

The next weekend consists of a trip down to Lake Michigan; one of the five Great Lakes of North America. Here you can relax on the beach, explore South Haven – a picturesque beach town by Lake Michigan AND the university also organises a quick trip to Saugatuck where you can go dune riding! Other experiences include a Lansing Lugnut’s baseball game and a BBQ out by Lake Lansing where you take a paddle boat out and soak up the sunshine! Your summer semester ends with graduation where you get to graduate alongside your fellow students in an American style ceremony. 

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Baseball - Students - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study
Students - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study - Graduation

What makes this study abroad unique?

Pretty much everything. You’ll probably start noticing the differences between Australian and American universities on your very first day. Of course, the differences depend on each academic institute, but here as three main things that you can’t help but notice about American colleges:

Campus culture- Although Australian universities do tend to organise events and BBQ to bump up the student spirit e.g. orientation week or exam period, American universities take it to a whole new level. For starters, the Greek life is very much a thing, just like you’ve seen in your favourite American teen flicks. MSU has more than its share of fraternities and sororities and chances are that you’ll meet a few fellow students who belong to them. You’ll also notice that there are a number of students clubs, in fact, if you combine all frats, sororities and clubs in MSU, the number reaches close to 900. Yep. You read that right. Hows that for campus culture!

School pride: While it’s not that common for some Australian students to own uni merchandise, it’s pretty damn rare for us to wander out in public wearing hoodies or scarves emblazoned with the name of our respected academic institutes (unless its the journey home from uni). However, school pride is huge in America and you’ll notice that a lot of students (and teachers) wearing their university colours or merchandise. It’s also fairly common for ex-students to continue wearing their college colours and being hella passionate about the university they attended. Note: You’ve probably seen this in some American teen film/TV show where the stern, controlling dad wants his son to study at the college he attended because he spent  “some of the best years” of his life. 

Dorm Life: Unlike Australian students, most American students tend to live on campus which is why dorm life is so big (and fun). This means more events and student activities that are usually organised by students for students. Although you do get privacy and downtime in your own room, there’s always someone to hang with or something on!

Besides the university, Michigan is the home to some amazing places. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you don’t need to worry about getting bored because Michigan has plenty to offer. From the majestic Great Lakes that you can explore individually to beautiful hikes and camping trips, we’ve just barely scratched the surface! Michigan is also home to some fantastic food and craft beer, so there’s always a good place to eat and drink.

Students - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study
Students - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study - beach
Students - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study

Another bonus to staying in Michigan is how close you are to Canada, meaning you get the best of both countries. If you plan on travelling after your program, Toronto is only a 6-hour flight away so you can fulfil all your poutine and maple syrup cravings. The last time we checked, a flight was only $390 AUD, so if you have any spare cash to spend at the end of your trip, that’s the way to do it!

Justin Trudeau- prime minister - Students - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study

Why should I do it?

According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the US is the most sought-after study destination for students. Having international educational credentials helps you get noticed by future employers and makes your resume stand out from others. Studying abroad also gives you a fresh new perspective on the world and invaluable intercultural skill.
Plus you get to live as an American college freshman, experience a different environment and leave with a whole new group of friends!
SO if you’d like to become a Spartan, check out our website for more information on the courses offered at Michigan State University or register your interest today!

Students - MSU - East Lansing - YMCA Global Study

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