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7 Tips to Keep on Top of Your Workload This Year

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7 Tips to keep on top of your workload this year

I think we have all been guilty of letting our workload get the better of us in some way or another. Whether it’s one too many parties or if you’re skipping your lectures to catch up on the workload, I can guarantee it is bound to catch up with you! So, here are some pro tips for managing your workload that has been tried and tested from someone who was a master procrastinator!



Get Ahead

Yeah, yeah you’ve heard this one before, but you won’t believe how much stress it will take off your shoulders if you manage to get an assignment done way before the due date. The beginning of the university year usually isn’t too crazy, so take this grace period and work on something that’s due, even if you only do the first half. I promise you will thank your past self for being so organised when your timetable starts to get busy.


Sometimes it can feel like you have so many things to do it can feel like a big jumble in your head. It helps if you write everything you need to do on paper and then prioritise from there. Seeing your tasks on paper not only creates a clear mind but you might realise it’s not as much work as you think it is and it can easily be managed. Don’t let your brain psych you out!

Use a Schedule

Using something as simple as Google Calendar can make a huge difference when it comes to a busy schedule. If that doesn’t work for you try out some of these apps to help manage your timetable. From my experience, Asana works best for group projects since you can assign people tasks and can track when they get it done. And Evernote is the best for note taking and makes a fantastic to-do list!



Make Sure You’re Sleeping Well

I’m sure it’s no secret that getting a good night’s sleep will boost your brain power for the next day. Don’t make all-nighters a habit because we all know it’s a hard one to break. Sleep well, eat well and you’ll be able to think with a clear head.

Treat yo Self

Use rewards to motivate yourself to stay organised. But careful, not too much rewarding! When I went to uni I would go to my morning lecture and then study at the library straight after, revising the material until 2pm with no breaks. And at 2pm on the dot I would give myself the rest of the afternoon off. This tactic worked for me because if I gave myself a break straight after my lecture I know I wouldn’t want to get back into it. So my advice would be to get your work done straight after your class while you’re in the right headspace and then reward yourself with the evening to chill with your family or friends.



Share The Load

Don’t be afraid to ask people for help this year, you don’t have to go through everything alone or get to the point where you’re stressing and sleep deprived. Stay back a few minutes after class and ask your lecturer for clarification, you might gather some important inside information that no one else gets to hear! Your classmates are in the same boat as you, organise a study date. And I’m sure your parents know a thing or two, give them a ring and you might be surprised at their answers. Being a uni students doesn’t mean you have to go through everything on your own!

Learn To Say No

Sometimes it can be tempting to take your friends up on that offer of heading to the pub or watching a late-night movie with your family. And although you need to make time for them too, sometimes you need to prioritise your studies first. So, learning to say no can be beneficial to your work load and peace of mind. Even if you can try to reschedule for later to make it your reward, then do it. But it’s important to find that balance between social life studying hard.

The bottom line is you need to figure out what method words best for you and your timetable. Make sure you’re not burning yourself out to get everything done. If you can follow even one of these tactics then you’re doing well! If you more study tips, click here for some useful pointers that will improve your study sessions!

Words by Sophie Nicolas – Sophie Studied a Bachelor of Arts and Edith Cowan University and also studied abroad in Japan

You can read more work from Sophie on her website or on Uni Junkee

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