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Apps that every globetrotter should have on their phone

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Time to make a travel folder on your phone!


FLIO collects data from over 3000 airports, including services such as  Wi-Fi networks, available lounges, transit options, hints and tips and advice on where to eat. Compiled in an easy to navigate layout, this app is ideal for anyone who has a long layer-over or a delayed flight. It also offers you a number of coupons and discount deals on food and beverage offered at the airport, so you’re saving money while you wait!

FLIO - Travel App - Traveller

Hit List

Featured in the New York Times, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, LifeHacker, CNBC; Hitlist is the ultimate app for finding fantastic deals.
Mark out the destinations that you’d like to travel to and the app will scan millions of fares and give you the best deals, tailored specifically to your travel plans along with the optimal time to travel so that you can get the most out of your time and cash.
You can also connect with friends who want to travel to the same destinations as you and plan together.

HIT LIST - Travel App - Traveller

Google Drive

Seriously, everyone should have this on their phone while travelling. Google Drives gives you up to 15 GB of storage space for your photos, documents and any other files; it’s is completely free and allows you to access your files anywhere. You can create an offline folder where you can store all your backup travel documents eg flight details, accommodation and insurance, so you’re completely covered if there’s no wifi or internet access.
Another awesome feature that I personally loved while travelling was that you can create shared folders with other people. Not only does this keep your family and friends in the loop, you can upload photos so that they can see your entire trip!

Google Drive - Travel App - Traveller - G Drive


Tripit combines all your flights, accommodation/transport bookings from your email into one master itinerary, saving you time and giving you easy access to all your plans. The best thing about this app is that it works offline, so you can use it on the go, away from wifi!
How it works:
1.  Forward all your travel confirmation emails to
2. TripIt transforms your emails into a master itinerary for every trip, so all your plans are in one place.
3. View your itinerary anytime, on any device — even when you’re offline.

TRIP IT - tripit - Travel App - Traveller


Helping travellers not look like stupid tourists since 2011- this app is a must if you’re going to a destination where English is the main language.
Dualingo is a free app that makes learning a new language easy and fun. It provides you with lessons varying from beginners to intermediate, including games and quizzes that allow you to win points and unlock new features and lessons in the app. With over 30 languages to choose from (including Klingon for any Trekkies out there 🖖🏼), you’ll never have an issue with language barriers.

DUALINGO - Language - Travel App - Traveller


Imagine being able to conjure up a tour guide whenever you need information or recommendations on the go. Well, TripScout is pretty much that but more. It’s an audio tour app that offers guides in over 75 countries. What makes it unique is that each destination is curated by local experts that offer you hidden gems such as the best places to eat, where the locals go out, popular landmarks and sights, not too mention engaging stories on history and culture. The app offers an offline map with GPS so you can walk along and listen to the tour.

TRIPSCOUT - Tripscout - Travel App - traveller

Everyone needs this app when travelling, especially if you like to prefer to explore places via walking. allows you to download maps for any country/city you are visiting and use it offline. So pretty much an offline version of google maps; you can search restaurants, landmarks, banks, train stations – whatever you need.  You can also switch navigation from driving, walking, cycling and bookmark places you’ve visited. - map - Travel App - Traveller


Most people don’t think about using this app while travelling but trust me when I say this, it. is. AMAZING. For starters, booking an Airbnb can sometimes equate to the same cost as a hotel, or sometimes even a hostel depending on which part of the world you’re in. The best thing is, you can choose whether you want to stay with locals or opt for a bit of privacy by having an entire place to yourself.
If that kind of accommodation isn’t your cup of tea, the app also offers “Experiences”, which are activities designed by locals in the country you visit. Experiences can range from anything such as workshops and classes, cultural experiences like tea ceremonies and even sightseeing and tours!

AIR BNB - Airbnb - Travel App - Accomodation

Notable mentions:
Uber for getting us everywhere.

Overnight for last minute accommodation in case of emergency eg flight cancellation

Instagram for making us feel hip and letting us show off to people back home

Let us know if we missed any great travel apps worth mentioning so we can add it to our list.

Puppy - dog- travel app

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