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What can studying abroad do for you?

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What Studying Internationally can do for you

YMCA Global Study was created to assist and empower university students who are looking to increase the value of their education and expand their skill-set so they can stand out in the job market after their degree. Studying abroad isn’t merely something you should do just to put on your resume though, it’s an opportunity to join an international network of like-minded students, all while satisfying your wanderlust and, if I can sound corny for a second, broaden your horizons. If you are wondering how YMCA Global Study can help you do all of this, sit back and have a read:

Studying abroad is an education change-maker. When studying abroad you will be introduced to different perspectives, techniques, opinions, and skills that you may not have been taught at your home university. Not only that, international study also can be a breath of fresh air into your degree to reinvigorate your study – with many degrees students can get caught up with trying to pass the next exam or how to impress tutors (or attractive classmates, we’ve all been there) and lose sight of the bigger picture of their course. YMCA Global Study is a great way to remind you of why you started your course in the first place, as it gives you the chance to experience intensive study in a particular area with new people and in a new environment.

Stress Less. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to break up your course while still getting credit at your own university. By knocking off a unit while you’re having fun abroad, you will also lighten your study load for the next semester. Did someone say stress relief?

It won’t break the bank. The Australian government is keen to get Aussie university students to study overseas, so they have started a bunch of funding assistance programs that are easy to apply for and can greatly reduce costs for studying abroad. Plus, we at YMCA Global Study have partnered with Pozible who can help make all your crowdfunding dreams come true – with a bit of forethought you could even use these funding opportunities to completely cover the costs of studying overseas! Which means more money for some independent travel before/after your course.

You’ll stand out from the crowd. These days it is pretty difficult to stand out from the pack when graduating university – more students than ever are getting their bachelors degrees which has created a job market that is flooded with people all with similar skills. An answer to this problem that faces many graduating students is taking the time to enhance your degree through studying abroad. YMCA Global Study is particularly helpful in this respect as our courses run through the Australian university holidays and allow you to add to your degree (and travel) while your peers are taking time off. We are also partnered with universities that are outstanding in their fields, so completing one of our courses will mean you’ll have accreditation from more than just one university. More than this, studying abroad shows an employer that you are independent, that you are self-reliant and show forethought as to your future after uni,  and that you take opportunities and can adapt to new situations and new people. If nothing else, studying abroad will furnish you with stories and anecdotes to impress a potential employer and show your experience, which will serve to make you a memorable applicant for any job, which is sometimes all it takes for you to stand out.

You’ll have friends everywhere. YMCA Global Study allows students to make useful contacts that can help to both further their study, their career, and their opportunities after university. When studying abroad you will create your own network of international friends and staff from your chosen field which has the potential to lead to longer-term study at your host university or even career opportunities overseas through these contacts. You will also no doubt make many social contacts during your intensive study course, which increases the odds of you returning to your exchange country and also lead to more travel through the people you will want to come back and visit. By participating in a YMCA Global Study course you will also join a network of likeminded students from many different Australian universities, giving you the opportunity to connect with YMCA Global Study Alumni and through this network may make you aware of new advances in your field of study in Australia.

Our goal at YMCA Global Study is to empower young people and help them to advance their university degrees, and we strongly believe that through our intensive study courses overseas students will be better equipped for job opportunities once they finish university. So why not apply today?

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