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Why do so many university students choose to study abroad?

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Why do so many students study abroad

Along with the winter and summer holidays comes the repeated migration of students to overseas locations to catch some rays, explore winter wonderlands, and generally escape uni worries for a while. It’s a pattern so common these days that David Attenborough (the man, the legend) could do a special on it on the ABC and it wouldn’t be a surprise. Okay I exaggerate, it would be surprising but we’d all watch it anyway!  Lately more and more university students are taking the chance to combine their holidays with a bit of study, taking advantage of short overseas study courses such as the ones offered by YMCA Global Study which allow students to enjoy a study-holiday overseas while still getting credit for their course back home.

Most students make the decision to study abroad because their first priority is the fun and amazing experiences that come with it, basically  it’s an excuse to travel. It’s a way to satisfy your wanderlust and allow yourself to stop scrolling through Instagram and Facebook and actually get out there and see the places you’ve been dreaming of – even more so, these courses give you the chance to immerse yourself in the culture of the place you’re visiting in a way you couldn’t experience if you were just a tourist. Having authentic cultural experiences that are integrated into your course can turn overseas study into an amazing life changing experience. Through international courses like this you also get to truly know a place by living there for a while, which is also a great “try before you buy” time if you’re thinking of doing longer exchange courses later in your degree or during your post-grad.

While other uni students are off on their contiki tours and hostel crawls (which no one is denying are great), the students who choose to study abroad in their semester breaks get to be a part of a different kind of crew. Short courses overseas allow you to travel with a group of like-minded students who are looking to have fun and get the most out of their holiday/study experience. In any overseas course there is also the opportunity for you to do day and weekend trips to nearby cities and attractions, or even to travel before or after your course! Taking a study/holiday with courses like those run by YMCA Global Study doesn’t mean the “study” part has to dominate the entire trip, like uni itself you can take advantage of local events and your host uni’s clubs and societies, as well as your city’s nightlife – after all, some people study better with a headache.

While holidaying abroad can be expensive, many students have realised that by combining overseas study with travelling before/after a course it can massively cut down costs. There are currently lots of government funding options for students looking to study overseas, such as OS-HELP or the New Columbia Plan, and through applying for as many as possible while also setting up crowdfunding through companies like Pozible, students have greatly reduced the amount they have to pay for overseas courses even to the point of there being no cost at all!

You can also take advantage of the chance to beef up your resume and your university degree through these short international study courses, while the prospect of personal growth is another benefit that comes with these types of courses. Studying abroad is also a great opportunity to break up your course a little while you still get credit at your home university, but it also does a lot more. By studying abroad you are introduced to different perspectives, techniques, opinions, and skills that you may not have been taught at your university. Not only that, international study can also be a breath of fresh air that reinvigorates your study – with many degrees you can get caught up with trying to pass the next exam or with impressing a condescending tutor, and you lose sight of the bigger picture, but studying overseas can refocus you on what you want from your degree and where it can take you. At the same time for students who are looking to gain a bit more independence, the chance to adapt to new experiences, learn how to think on your feet, and to test out their self-reliance, these courses are worth their weight in gold. Not only are these skills valuable to you for your everyday life but they also convert into ways to impress an employer by being more than your average graduate. If nothing else any of these courses will furnish you with stories to impress any employer and show your experience, making you a memorable applicant – which is sometimes all it takes to help you to stand out from the crowd.

With all the benefits of these courses no wonder so many students are adding intensive study abroad courses to their annual migration plan – the question is, where will you go?

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