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3 Reasons why you should go to O-week

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Ah, the time has finally come! Some dread it, some love it, and some don’t know what it really is because they’ve never actually been. Yes, we’re talking about O-Week, aka Orientation week, aka freshman/newbie week. It’s that easy breezy fun week that usually kicks off the new semester and eases students into the year.

You might think to yourself, “pfft, O – week is a waste of time!”, but really it’s not and let us tell you why.

Meeting new people

If you’re in your first year don’t know your way around and don’t really know anyone on campus, then O-Week is perfect for you. There are tons of free events and activities run by the universities and student associations designed specifically to help students make new friends and learn where everything is on campus.

O-Week is run by students for students so there’s zero chance for you to not have not made any new friends by the end of the day. It’s literally a set up for friend making, in fact, some uni’s have “Speed Friending”, a hilarious take on Speed Dating to help you find your peeeerfect friends.

Getting to know your university

No, we don’t mean getting familiar with where the science or humanities building is located. We mean getting to know what’s happening within your university and what it can offer you.

Universities are always offering new opportunities for students to become more involved with their community and become more employable. Clubs and Associations are great ways to connect with other students with similar interests. They have Clubs and Associations for almost everything; Academic Societies, Language and Culture Groups, Sports and then there are the special interest groups, some of our favorites are the Food and Wine appreciation groups who usually organise trips for the members to amazing restaurants and wineries and Dumbledore’s Army, a must for any Harry Potter Fan. Your student union or guild will have a full list of active clubs and associations so make sure you swing by or visit their website to find out more.Lastly, if you can’t find a club or association that you like to join, why not have a go at creating your own! Get in contact with your student union to find how you and your friends can start one.

Free Stuff

O-Week is the university’s way of saying welcome to first-year students and welcome back to everyone else, and what better way to do that than by offering students bunch freebies and free events, amirite?

Yes, that’s right we just said the F-word, if you’re a freegan then O-Week is the place for you! Need a diary? You’ll get one at O-Week! Looking for a free feed? You’ll always find one at O-Week! Keep Cups, discounts, pens, bottle openers, stress balls, notepads, tote bags…. You get the picture right? It’s all FREE!

To make things easier for you, we got in touch with as many universities as possible and made a list of all free events and giveaways that are on during O-Week so make sure you read our O-Week 2018 Uni by Uni Guide to Free Stuff

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